The 3 Most Common Sprinkler Repairs

In Hernando County and the rest of Florida, maintaining our lawns and sprinkler systems are a part of life. Our sweltering temperatures require us to be vigilant about irrigation, lest we lose our St. Augustine grass to the heat. The good news is that staying on top of our sprinkler systems is relatively easy and can usually be narrowed down to three main problems.

  1. Blocked or Clogged Sprinkler Heads
    Have you noticed that one of your sprinkler heads isn’t putting out as much water as it should? If you’ve already verified that no lawn ornaments or toys are blocking the spray, then it might be clogged by dirt or other debris that has collected over time. The fix is fairly easy, though. Whether you have spray or rotor heads on your sprinkler, remove them carefully and flush them with water to remove the blockage. Before you replace the head, flush out the irrigation line, as well. When you replace the head, make sure it is facing the right direction; you don’t want to end up watering your sidewalk.
  2. Leaky Sprinkler
    It happens to everyone: We accidentally run over sprinkler heads while mowing the lawn, we might pull a little too far onto the grass when we’re trying to squeeze onto the driveway, or maybe our kids were a little too rough playing with their friends. Whatever the case may be, leaky sprinklers are an everyday concern to Spring Hill homeowners. If the sprinkler is leaking near the top, then your repair may be as simple as screwing the head on tighter. If it still leaks after that, then remove the head to check to see if the seal looks worn. A worn seal will require a replacement head which can be found in major hardware stores across Hernando County and the surrounding areas. Just make sure to bring the head with you to ensure that you purchase the correct type.
  3. Overspray
    If your sprinklers are watering beyond your lawn, then you are experiencing overspray. Usually, this is the result of improperly positioned sprinkler heads. To correct the position of your sprinkler head, remove enough of the surrounding soil to allow access. Turn the head to the desired position and run a quick test before replacing the soil. If your sprinkler is above ground, then all you have to do is turn the head and run a test – no messy digging required.

If your sprinkler system has you stumped or you simply prefer to trust a professional with your repairs, call Challenger Irrigation. For over 20 years we have helped our Hernando County clients with their sprinkler and irrigation repairs – no matter how large or small.