April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring Hill may not have had many April showers this year, but because of our trusty irrigation systems, May flowers are still possible. There’s nothing like a bright, floral, splash of color to add interest and ambiance to your Hernando County home’s exterior. But with our oppressive summer heat, constant sunshine, and daily deluges, which flowers will actually thrive? While native plants and flowers are always best, here are a few options of native and non-native flowers that will make your yard vibrant and inviting this summer.

Lily of the Nile: This non-native but fairly drought-tolerant perennial produces full purple and white flowers during the summer. They can withstand full light and, best of all, are fast-growing, allowing you to enjoy their blooms relatively quickly.

Tickseed (Coreopsis): This official state wildflower of Florida is another fast-growing, drought-tolerant superstar. With brown-black centers that are surrounded by vibrant yellow petals, the native Tickseed loves full light and will bring its own brightness to your home.

Blanket Flower: Named for its resemblance to Native American blankets, the native Blanket Flower has bright petals of magenta, burnt orange, and other red hues, all with yellow tips. It is fast-growing, drought-tolerant, and loves full sun.

Daylily: The Daylily comes in a variety of colors, but whichever you choose, count on this flower to grow quickly and beautify your Spring Hill home. It loves full sun and is fairly drought-tolerant (but don’t forget to use your sprinkler system when rain is scarce).

Pentas (Starflower): Like the Daylily and Lily of the Nile, the Pentas can survive slight drought, but is otherwise perfect for Florida. This non-native flower thrives in full sun, grows quickly, and produces starbursts of pink, red, white, or lilac during the summer months.

Goldenrod: Unlike the other flowers we’ve mentioned, Goldenrod grows at a medium rate, which means that you can enjoy its yellow flowers from summer and into fall. This native perennial is drought-tolerant and thrives in full sun, making it a favorite of Floridians.

If your lawn, plants, or flowers begin looking brown or wilted, then call Challenger Irrigation. For over 25 years, we’ve helped residents of Hernando County maintain beautiful, colorful lawns. Let us help YOU have a lawn that your neighbors will envy.