Backflow Prevention at Home and at Work

All Hernando County homes and businesses are connected to a perfectly safe potable water supply. Some buildings, however, are connected to additional supplies such as reclaimed or well water; that is when backflow becomes a concern. Sure, reclaimed water is safe for watering your Spring Hill lawn, but do you want to enjoy a nice cold glass of its sulphury goodness? Maybe use it to boil some pasta for your kids’ macaroni and cheese? Of course not! No need to worry, though – Challenger Irrigation has it under control.

What is Backflow?
Backflow is when materials that are not intended for human consumption (unsafe liquids, gases, and suspended solids) flow into the supply of potable water. The non-potable and potable systems are cross-connected, but are carefully designed to prevent backflow. Because backflow can occur from a simple change in water pressure, anyone who has an irrigation system that uses reclaimed water, a swimming pool, or lives near a lake or a pond – so, most of suburban Spring Hill – could ultimately experience having contaminants flow into their water supply.

How Do I Stop It?
Backflow prevention assemblies are installed specifically to prevent backflow from ever happening. They are often installed at the water meter where they can be closely regulated by water management employees. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires community water systems to have a cross-connection control program and to test backflow prevention assemblies at least once a year. With these policies and procedures in place, your family and friends should feel safe using tap water at your home.

How Can Challenger Help?
The good news is that Challenger Irrigation is certified to perform backflow prevention testing. If you have a recently installed sprinkler system or maybe an old system that you’re not too confident in, Challenger can test your backflow prevention assembly and put your mind at ease.

Whether you have questions about backflow prevention or need a simple sprinkler repair, Challenger Irrigation can help. With over 20 years serving the irrigation needs of Hernando County and the surrounding areas, Challenger is ready to add you to their list of satisfied customers.