Before You Toss That Tree…

Before You Toss That Tree…

You spend hours finding the perfect tree for your home, then you spend additional hours wrapping strand after strand of lights and placing each ornament in the perfect position. Despite all of the care that goes into your holiday tree, after the holidays, it gets tossed to the curb. Why should you care? After all, Hernando County will pick up your tree with the rest of the garbage (as long as it’s cut into pieces no bigger than four feet). Before you toss your tree, consider the following alternatives that are more likely to make it a “green” Christmas:

  • Find a tree recycling program: Look online to find out where to drop off Christmas trees for recycling. Recycled trees are usually mulched then used in the landscaping of Hernando County parks or other public structures.
  • Chip-in with neighbors for a chipper: Wood chippers can be rented for a reasonable price if you go in on it with some neighbors. Together, you can turn your trees into mulch for your own yards instead of public places that you may or may not use. Remember, mulch and other ground cover not only minimize the number of weeds you’ll get, but they also help maintain your soil’s moisture levels.
  • Let it swim with the fish: If your Spring Hill neighborhood has a lake or pond, consider using your tree as a natural habitat for aquatic life. Trim off the branches first, then throw them along with the trunk into the water. This is only a good option for healthy bodies of water, as tossing trees into those that are overrun with algae bloom can amplify the imbalance of the aquatic ecosystem.
  • Make your own ground cover: If you’re feeling ambitious, you can cut off the branches and spread them around plant and flower beds as natural ground cover to maintain moisture levels. Extra ambitious? Chop the trunk into logs for your outdoor fire pit.

Sure, evergreens and other trees are biodegradable, but landfills are anaerobic, lacking the oxygen required to naturally degrade organic materials. The better option is to go green and recycle your tree.

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