Do You Need a Water Audit?

Do You Need a Water Audit?

To say it’s hot in Florida is inadequate. The temperatures, combined with our humidity, make life without air conditioning almost unbearable. When it seems like cooling our Hernando County homes is costing more than it should, an obvious step toward cutting back on our power bills is having TECO or Duke Energy visit our property for an energy audit. But have you ever wondered if your water usage is normal? If you find that your water bill is higher than usual for reasons unknown or you know you’re paying a lot more than your neighbors, it may be time to consider a water audit.

What is a Water Audit?

Just like an energy audit, a water audit analyzes the way water is used in a home. It pinpoints all sources of water use, estimates the output from each source, then uses that information to determine if you’re wasting resources and money as a result of leaks. The ultimate goal of a water audit is to learn how to conserve water and, in doing so, save money.

Why Bother?

Water is far more affordable than power, so why bother with an audit? If you’re not overly concerned by your water bill, then here are additional benefits to having a water audit:
Less water use reduces the cost of running water treatment facilities; savings on their end could help reduce savings on yours.
Using less water reduces the amount of detergents, fertilizers, and pesticides that runoff into our natural water supplies.
A water audit can help you identify your own role in wasting water; without changing a single faucet, pipe, or sprinkler head, you can affect change.

Where Challenger Irrigation Comes In

One potential source of water waste is your irrigation system. Because the pipes and joints are underground, it’s hard to tell if they have sustained damage from a root system or simply wear and tear. If you do determine that you’re using too much water when you run your sprinklers, let us help. We have decades of experience repairing irrigation systems, installing water-saving sprinkler heads, and making sure your entire system runs efficiently. Whether you conduct your own audit or turn to the utilities department, we can make adjustments that will help you conserve resources and save money.

If you feel like your Spring Hill home is not just leaking water, but money as well, call our office today. Our technicians will go out of their way to make your irrigation system a money-saving machine.