Hernando County Watering Restrictions

During the summer months, when Spring Hill and the rest of Hernando County have at least one daily deluge, it’s easy to forget that regardless of the season, there are watering restrictions to adhere to. Here are a few reminders to keep your lawn looking beautiful and your water bills low.

Sweltering Summer
During the summer, we live up to our reputation as the Lightning Capital more than that of the Sunshine State. Turn off the automated sprinkler system and turn on the Hernando county weather, instead. If your lawn is predicted to get ½ – ¾ inches of rain in a given week, there is no need to irrigate; nature will do it for you. If you do need to use your irrigation system, check for signs of overwatering such as curled grass blades or footprints that don’t disappear as quickly as they should.

Winter Wonderland
During the winter months when the temperatures drop, your lawn and plants stop actively growing and require no fertilization and far less water. Skip sprinkling for one week each month to avoid over-watering then put the money you would have spent on water towards some festive holiday lights, instead.

New Sod
When you plant new sod at your Spring Hill home, your watering restrictions are a little less limiting than usual. For the first 10 days, you can water multiple times per day in 5-10 minute intervals. For days 10-20, you can water once daily then once every other day for days 21-60. After that, your sod should have taken root and you can adhere to Hernando County’s regular watering schedule.

Best Practices
There are many things you can do year-round to cut back on watering while keeping your Hernando County lawn the envy of every neighbor:

  • Use drought-resistant, Florida-friendly plants and grasses for your landscaping. These not only require less water, but fewer pesticides and fertilizers, as well.
  • Don’t bag those clippings and leaves; fertilize naturally. They provide non-harmful nutrients to your soil and allow you to use fewer non-organic fertilizers, which can be harmful to your family, pets, and the environment.
  • Make sure your irrigation system is working for you. A well-calibrated rain gauge will ensure that you don’t overwater your lawn. Have an irrigation specialist check your sprinkler system to make sure all sprinkler heads are properly placed, directed, and working at maximum efficiency.

Challenger Irrigation has proudly served Spring Hill and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. If you have any questions about how to maintain your lawn while adhering to Hernando county restrictions, let Challenger Irrigation help.