How to Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Lawn

When we see a bug, our instinct is usually to kill it. Not so fast, though. Some of those insects are actually beneficial to your lawn and a food source for that gorgeous Hernando County wildlife.


Bugs and other insects can protect your Spring Hill lawn and landscaping from pests that destroy your plants. Becoming familiar with these species can help you determine when the ecosystem in your backyard is in perfect balance or when it’s time to pull out the pesticide:

  • Lady Bugs – Lady Bugs (or Lady Beetles) are well-known and easy to identify with their spotted orange-red backs. Don’t let their adorability fool you, though. Lady Bugs will eat almost any insect that is small enough for them to eat, including mites, scales, and insect eggs.
  • Lacewings – Lacewings can be identified by the delicate, lacy wings that give them their name. They are most beneficial in their larval stage when they feed on pests like aphids, mealybugs, and mites.
  • Earwigs – Unlike the aforementioned insects, earwigs are anything but pretty. They are identified by pincers that extend from the rear of the body. Naturally nocturnal, earwigs eat aphids, mites, fleas, and roundworms.
  • Dragonflies – If your Hernando County home is near lakes, ponds, or wetlands, then chances are you’re already familiar with dragonflies. With their long, thin bodies and four lacy wings, dragonflies are beneficial because they eat one of the most hated insects in Florida – mosquitoes.


To attract these beneficial species, consider planting insectary plants like sunflowers, lemon balm, or daisies. You can also give them a place to stay cool during the hot Florida summers by incorporating mulch, stepping stones, or rocks in your landscaping. Provide an adequate water supply by running your sprinklers once a week in accordance with the Hernando County watering restrictions.


To ensure that your irrigation system is operating at its most efficient, contact Challenger Irrigation. We have over twenty years of experience in keeping Spring Hill lawns healthy, lush, and perfect for those beneficial bugs.