How to Conserve Water (Without Losing Your Lawn)

We’ve had a pretty dry year, so far. Lawns are dry, brown and crunchy beneath our feet, lakes and ponds are well below normal water levels (if not completely dried out), and everything else is wilting away right before our eyes. We can usually count on a few good soakings before the summer storms begin, but they’ve been few and far between. While we wait for the deluges that keep Spring Hill lawns looking lush and beautiful, there are are few things we can do to conserve water without sacrificing our lawns.


  1. Make sure your sprinkler heads are properly attached and aimed at the grass (and not the sidewalk or road). A busted sprinkler head wastes gallons of water each time you run your sprinkler system.
  2. Stick to the Hernando County watering restrictions. They were created with conservation in mind. Water only on your assigned day and within the required time window.
  3. Reduce the running time of your sprinklers by three to five minutes per zone. If you are using your irrigation system during the recommended times, less water is lost through evaporation, so your lawn will still get what it needs despite the shorter running times.
  4. Check all of your hoses, spray nozzles, and spigots to ensure that they are not leaking.
  5. Use thick layers of mulch around flower beds, plants, and shrubbery to minimize evaporation and reduce the amount of water they require to thrive.
  6. Consider xeriscaping! Xeriscaped lawns use native plants that require less water or use water more efficiently than other types of grasses, trees, and shrubs. They also make creative use of ground covers such as pebbles, mulch, or ground covering plants and ferns.
  7. Give your irrigation system a tune up! We have the time, the tools, and the talent to make sure your sprinklers are working at their most efficient.


If you are worried about the condition of your lawn, call Challenger Irrigation today. We can install new systems and make sure your existing system is giving your Hernando County landscaping exactly what it needs while we wait for nature to take its course.