Is It Time For New Sod?

Is It Time For New Sod?

Nature can wreak all kinds of havoc on our Hernando County lawns: we experience droughts, floods, funguses from the perpetual humidity, and destructive bugs galore. If the majority of your lawn has been damaged by any of these things – or if you’re simply building a new home – it might be time for some new sod.

When Is the Best Time?

Florida grasses are dormant during the winter, so though it might be more comfortable for you to be outside during that time, it’s not an ideal time to put down sod. The best time is during the summer when the grass is at its most active. Sure, the Spring Hill heat is going to be miserable, but when you spend time and money on new sod, you want to to take root. Starting early in the morning (before the afternoon thunderstorms start) could keep you from overheating as you work.

How To Prepare Your Lawn

Whether you’re restoring a patch of your lawn or installing a full lawn, you need to prepare the soil for the sod:

  • If your lawn is full of tall weeds, you may actually need to mow before moving on to the next step.
  • Use a garden tiller to till the soil. To ensure the soil is loose enough for your new sod, till both east to west and north to south.
  • Rake away any weed remnants, rocks, or other debris.
  • Run your irrigation system to make sure the soil is nice and damp. If you are sodding a small area, then hand water.

Laying the Sod

Before you purchase your sod, make sure you have an accurate measurement for the area you are sodding so you are sure to have enough to complete the project. Once you have what you need:

  • Begin laying the squares of sod end to end.
  • Cut a square of sod in half and use it to start the next row. Staggering the squares will keep your lawn from looking like a perfect grid as it fills in.
  • Use a full square to start the next row.
  • Repeat as needed.

Watering Your Sod

Hernando County watering restrictions do not apply for new sod. Your lawn will need to be watered every day, whether by nature or by your sprinkler system. Immediately after installing the sod, your lawn will need a good soaking. After that, water in ten minute increments for seven to ten days. Then, you will water in five minute increments for another week or so. Once the second watering cycle is complete, water two to three times a week for a few weeks and then only as needed.
Challenger Irrigation can help ensure that your sod – new or old – thrives in your Spring Hill lawn. Call us today to schedule an appointment.