Keeping Up With Our Research

In Hernando County, you can’t look in a single direction without seeing a University of Florida emblem. From flags and bumper stickers to T-shirts and welcome mats, the folks in Spring Hill, Brooksville, and other UF-adjacent areas LOVE their Gators. At Challenger Irrigation, we love them, too — but probably not for the reasons you’d suspect. Yes, we love football, but the University of Florida is also home to one of the most renowned research facilities in the country: the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Also known as UF/IFAS, the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences gives us access to the most meaningful, up-to-date information about the environment and our role in keeping it (and your yard) healthy and happy. Their Soil and Water department provides us with information about soil quality and water shortages; their Plant Pathology department helps us stay apprised of diseases that affect your grass and other landscaping elements; and their Entomology and Nematology department helps us get a jump on any worms or bugs that could harm (or help) your yard — and that’s just THREE of the 15 departments that devote their time to knowing how to protect the planet.

UF/IFAS has researched and discovered many things that help Challenger Irrigation keep your Hernando County lawn happy and healthy. Just a few examples include:

  • Developing and implementing best practices for Florida water quality
  • Developed and released strains of sterile fruit flies to protect Florida crops
  • Researched termite breeding to help develop a termite control system
  • Improved the Florida tropical plant industry through their research on water requirements, pest management, and fertilization practices
  • And so much more

The next time you see that good ol’ orange and blue, remember that UF produces far more than great athletes; they also produce scientists that improve your quality of life by learning all about the ecosystems that we call home. And the next time your own ecosystem seems off balance, call Challenger Irrigation and feel assured that, thanks to some of the research and policy developed by UF/IFAS, we’re well-equipped to handle any irrigation problems you might encounter.