Winter Maintenance For Your Spring Hill Lawn

If you have friends or family up north, then you know how envious people can be about our tropical weather. Our summers are brutal, though, so by the time fall approaches, Floridians are more than ready for a break from the heat. The cooler temperatures mean fewer mosquitos, less humidity, and less time working in the sweltering heat to maintain your Spring Hill lawn. While you deserve a break from the back breaking labor of lawn care, don’t forget that your grass still requires attention – even during its dormant season. There are steps you can take before the first cold snap that will ensure you have a lush lawn come next spring.

Spring Hill (all of Florida for that matter) soil is sandy and lacks the nutrients that our neighbors up north have, which is why fertilization is a must. During the rainy season, our frequent downpours wash away the fertilizer regularly, but the winter months are a different story. Once you see your lawn growth begin to slow, fertilize one more time before winter hits. The soil will absorb nutrients all winter long, strengthening those grass roots for next year.

While it may be tempting to lower those mower blades so you can go longer between cuts, that is the last thing your lawn needs during the winter. Keeping your grass a bit longer will keep your roots warm and shaded, preventing moisture from being lost through the evaporation process. Between the slow growth and need to keep your grass longer than usual, you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy our Florida winters.

Hernando county is considered tropical like most of the state, yet – unlike Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Citrus, and the other counties that Challenger Irrigation serve – we still experience occasional freezes. Anything on your lawn during a freeze could kill your grass. Before the first freeze (and let’s face it – we have plenty of warning) rake and dispose of leaves, pick up toys, and make sure no vehicles are parked on your grass. Nobody wants crunchy, yellow grass to make their lawn unsightly.

Additionally, consider hiring an irrigation company to make sure your sprinkler system is properly functioning. Florida weather is unpredictable; from November through March, we are subject to the whims of cold fronts and can transition from a balmy 83 degrees to a chilly 45 overnight. If your sprinklers are turned off during a heat wave, your grass will dry out. Similarly, if your sprinklers are programmed for summer conditions during the winter months when less water is required, your lawn will look more like a marsh. An investment in sprinkler repair now could prevent you from having to spend money and time on laying new sod next year.

For sprinkler repair, maintenance, or installations, call Challenger Irrigation. With over twenty years of service in the irrigation industry, we know just what your Florida lawn needs – no matter what season we’re in.