Make Yard Work a Family Affair

You’ve probably heard your kids say it a million times: “You only had us so you could make us do all of your chores!” Why not prove them right by getting them involved in your weekly lawn work? After all, why should you be the only one weeding, mulching, seeding, and mowing that beautiful Spring Hill yard? Not sure how to start this new family tradition? The tips below just might help:

  1. Get ‘Em While They’re Young
    If you get your kids to help you when they’re still small, then it will be part of their routine as they grow up. If you’re worried that they’re too young, then start them off as observers. Make them realize that being outside with mom or dad is an opportunity for time together. Once they are old enough to help (and let’s face it, even a two-year-old can gather leaves for you to place in a bag), assign them tasks that they are capable of accomplishing before the job loses their attention. As they get older, the jobs you assign can become more complicated and more lengthy.
  2. Make it Fun
    While you and your child are working, do what you can to make it enjoyable. Let little ones take a run through your sprinklers to cool off. Older kids can select what music you listen to as you work together. Instead of being a malevolent taskmaster, use the time together to talk, tell stories, and listen to what your kid is saying (or not saying). Seeing a job well-done probably won’t motivate your kid, so when a task is finished, reward them with your time (or if you have a teenager, reward them with time away from you) or maybe a treat like ice cream.
  3. Be Consistent
    While it may be easier to just do it yourself, the time you invest now in teaching your kids how to contribute to your yard work will pay off in the long run. And while it is definitely easier to let your surly teenager complain until you give in and let them go inside for some screen time, knowing that they are relied upon as members of the household will make them feel valued – even if they don’t realize it until adulthood. Hernando County gets HOT, so schedule your yard work for earlier in the day so that neither you nor your children have an excuse to abandon the established routine when the temperatures rise. The hardest part of starting this new tradition just might be your own motivation.

Challenger Irrigation may not be able to make your kids do your lawn chores, but they can help with all of your sprinkler needs. As a family business, they know how important it is to keep your Spring Hill lawn lush, green, and in perfect shape for creating those memories with your own family – even if it involves drowning out the sound of your kids’ complaints with a lawnmower.