Protect Your Lawn From Trick-or-Treaters

Nobody wants to be the kind of neighbor who constantly yells, “Hey, Kid! Get off my lawn!” Still, when the neighborhood whippersnappers are traipsing around your landscaping, crushing grass and scattering mulch, you feel like you HAVE to say something. Fear no more: Challenger Irrigation is here to offer a few tips to keep kids coming for treats without playing dirty tricks with your Hernando County lawn.

  1. Use decorations to set up a perimeter. People are less likely to walk through your grass if there is a gigantic blow-up pumpkin* blocking their path. Don’t want to use electricity to power an inflatable? Strategically placed styrofoam or cardboard tombstones will do the trick, as well.
    *Remember: Either move your inflatable decorations regularly so they don’t kill your grass or put them out just before the trick-or-treaters show up.
  2. Instead of waiting for ghosts and goblins to come to the door, set up shop in your driveway. Not only will this discourage them from walking all over your lawn, it will also give you a chance to see neighbors you haven’t talked to in a while or even meet newcomers.
  3. Use lighting to illuminate a path. This could be year-round lighting, like solar lanterns, or spooky Halloween-themed lighting, like light-up skulls. Either way, lights will guide them along the proper path and away from your Spring Hill lawn.
  4. Teach your children well. Don’t like the way the kids in your neighborhood act? Start with your own kids. This is particularly effective if you take your kids around the block to collect their treats; when other kids hear you tell your own children to “stay on the sidewalk” or “don’t step on the grass,” they may become more aware of their own actions.

A frequent casualty of Halloween is sprinkler heads. Whether you need to have your sprinkler heads replaced or are interested in having a brand-new system installed, Challenger Irrigation is here to help. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our irrigation specialists.