Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – Your Water?

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – Your Water?

Everyone knows about the swamps in Florida, but only natives know that with our daily deluges, even our Hernando County lawns can become swamp land. So if our St. Augustine is looking and feeling more like the Everglades, then why should we be concerned with water conservation? For one, our rainy season will come to an end; remember the wildfires of last spring that were the result of drought? Secondly, having a water conservation system in place now can actually help keep your landscaping from drowning in our downpours.

Save It For Later

There are a number of small ways you can reuse the water inside your Spring Hill home, like pouring your leftover water into the dog dish then pouring the dog’s leftover water into the plants. The biggest way to save water for later use, though, is with a rain barrel. When properly installed and sealed (which is necessary to avoid creating a breeding ground for mosquitos), rain barrels allow you to collect gallons of water that would otherwise be flowing from your roof onto your already soaked lawn. A spigot placed in front of the barrel allows you easy access to the water when you need it for your landscaping.

A rain barrel won’t take care of all of your water needs during the drier months; you’ll still need to irrigate your lawn as needed. Still, having gallons of water on-hand to use in bird baths or to water flowers or other landscaping features will save you money and save one of our most valuable resources – water.

Save Your Yard Now

Using rain barrels to catch and store water not only gives you resources to use later, but it protects your yard now by reducing flooding. It also cuts back on water runoff, preventing the toxins that come from fertilizer and insecticides from flowing into nearby ponds and lakes. And while you probably don’t give much thought to what happens in the sewers below, collecting water also minimizes the stress on the infrastructures of our sewer system.

If you want to take advantage of the rain while it’s plentiful, consider purchasing a rain barrel for your Hernando County home. You’ll be doing the environment a favor in more ways than one. You can utilize what nature provides and let Challenger Irrigation worry about the rest. Contact our office today to inquire about our services.