How to Choose the Right Sprinkler Head for Your Lawn

While the greater-Tampa area – including Spring Hill – receives its fair share of rain in the summer, your lawn takes a beating during the remainder of the year. While our neighbors to the north have four seasons, the Florida sun is always at full force. To keep your Spring Hill lawn vibrant and healthy year-round, irrigation systems are a must. Pop-up, fixed, spray, or rotor, the correct sprinkler head can make or break your lawn.


Pop-up heads are typically used for small to mid-sized residential lawns. The sprinkler rests at soil-level until activated, when it then pops up to a height appropriate for the type of turf. Pop-up heads can be fitted with different nozzles to create a variety of spray patterns. The benefits of the pop-up sprinkler head is that it is essentially hidden and will not detract from the beauty of the lawn. Additionally, they allow you to enjoy use of your entire lawn, as there are no elevated heads to trip over or break.


Fixed sprinkler heads are permanently “fixed” to target a specific area. Fixed heads are slightly elevated and can be placed on risers to provide a stream of water to taller landscaping elements such as shrubs, flower beds, and gardens. Because they are always above ground, fixed sprinkler heads are best placed in low-traffic areas.

Spray Heads

Spray heads provide 180 degrees of constant spray. The radius of a spray head can be adjusted according to the size of the area to be irrigated, making them most useful for hard-to-reach areas such as a small patch of grass between a residence and fence line.


Like the name implies, rotor heads rotate the irrigation stream anywhere from 90 to 360 degrees. Depending on the size of the rotor, these sprinkler heads can water radii of up to 150 feet. This makes rotor heads ideal for larger, uninterrupted plots of land, which is why they are used for golf courses and sports fields. While rotor heads require some maintenance, they tend to last longer than other sprinkler heads.

Florida property owners know all too well the importance of irrigation in maintaining their yards. The smallest dry patch or soggy puddle can detract from the aesthetics of a lush lawn that is the envy of every neighbor. Whether watering a verdant suburban plot in Spring Hill or irrigating the turf at Raymond James Stadium, selecting the correct sprinkler head is essential to ensuring that your grass looks great all year round.