Starting Your Own Spring Hill Lawn Care Business

Is your Spring Hill lawn the envy of every neighbor? Is your idea of a good time checking out the new Stihl tools at your local hardware store? Do you love being outside? Can you tell from 50 yards away when a sprinkler system is on the fritz? Is lawn fertilization and pest control as fascinating to you as an iPhone is to a teenager? Then you may be an ideal candidate for starting your own lawn business!

The Florida mowing season is longer than in other parts of the country, making it an ideal location for starting a lawn maintenance business. If you live in a suburban community, then you already know who your potential clients are. If you live in close proximity to an expressway or interstate, then your client potential is only limited by how far you’re willing to drive. Since Spring Hill fits the bill on all counts, you already have an advantage over self-starters in other parts of the state.

Expenses and Income
Compared to other business, the startup costs of lawncare and landscaping businesses is relatively low. The most important equipment for you to invest in is a commercial-grade mower that can slice through thick Hernando County grass, a truck and a trailer, and commercial grade edgers and trimmers. With proper daily care and maintenance, your startup equipment could last you years. Additional expenses include insurance, business licenses, marketing tools such as business cards or flyers.

To determine your rate per lawn, survey your Spring Hill neighbors to find out the going rate for lawn care service. Once you know how much to charge, your profit margins will depend on your client load and the services you offer. Profits for small businesses are usually significant, as once you pay off the money you invested in equipment, almost everything goes directly to you. As your grow your business and hire additional employees, your profit margin will shrink. If you are willing to offer such services as spreading mulch, planting flowers or trees, and trimming trees and shrubbery, you could increase your profits without shelling out a ton of cash up front.

Time Investment
One of the perks of being a small business owner is being in charge of your own schedule, but that comes after hundreds of hours of hard work establishing your business. Before you build a loyal client base, plan to spend hours on networking and marketing. Once you have a sufficient number of clients, it will take some practice become you become time-efficient. Working 12-hour days nine months out of the year may sound miserable, but the Hernando County winters will offer you plenty of opportunities to catch up with friends, family, and Netflix.

In order to retain your established business, each spring will require spending additional time reaching out to existing clients. Referrals are precious; they cost you nothing and carry more weight than a flyer stuck in someone’s door jam, so it’s vital to make your clients feel like they’re getting top-notch service from your lawn care business. To build your client base, reach out to others in similar industries in Spring Hill such as those in landscaping or irrigation services. They know whose lawns look shabby, what other lawn service gurus may be ready to retire, and which neighborhoods are expecting growth. When your business is well underway, you can return the favor by referring them to your own clients.

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