Tips for Successful Summer Lawn Irrigation

Along with the stunning beaches, the exciting wildlife and the world-famous theme parks, Florida’s famous sunshine draws in visitors from all over the world all year around. However, homeowners throughout the entire state know all too well that the heat from that same sunshine has the potential to ruin their beautifully landscaped lawns during the hottest summer months.

Fortunately, proper lawn irrigation during these months can keep your lawn healthy and looking fabulous. All you need is a good irrigation system and these few simple tips to help you care for and protect your lawn in a way that can guarantee its summer survival.

1. The Proper Time to Water

For the best results, set your irrigation system to begin watering during the hours of early morning as soon as the sun rises. Many people believe that watering their lawn during the hottest part of the day provides it with moisture when it needs it most, but that practice actually offers your lawn less moisture because up to 60 percent of the water may be lost to evaporation before the lawn can absorb it. The best advice is to never water between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Likewise, never water your lawn at night because water that is left standing on the grass may lead to disease and fungal growth.

2. How Long You Should Water

Florida’s summer months call for watering the lawn at least twice a week unless there is ample rainfall. While your irrigation company may suggest varied times for the special needs of your particular lawn, Florida guidelines normally call for watering periods of 50 minutes in June, 49 minutes in July, 60 minutes in August and 48 minutes in September. Your irrigation company will calibrate your system to properly determine the length of time that it needs to run in order to deliver the amount of water that your lawn requires.

3. Watch for Lawn Damage

If you see brown spots in just a few places throughout your lawn, then you may suspect a problem with your irrigation system. When the lawn is generally thriving, a few dead spots may indicate the presence of sprinkler heads that are damaged or broken, and you’ll need to have sprinkler repair done right away so that you may water your lawn properly. Grass that looks uniformly brown indicates that it is being seriously under-watered, which may also indicate a problem with your watering methods.

Local Assistance Available

Here at our local lawn-care company, we’re available to assist the residents and business owners of Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas and Citrus counties with any need that is associated with a sprinkler repair or irrigation system. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about the proper care of your lawn this summer. Whether you need an entire new system or a simple sprinkler repair, we’ll send out one of our friendly, knowledgeable lawn-care professionals right away.