The Anatomy of Your Lawn

If you thought you were finished with anatomy lessons when you were in high school or college, think again. Your lawn is actually a fascinating ecological system, and understanding it just might help you maintain that lush, gorgeous, Hernando County grass. Here are some details that could come in handy:

The Whole Shebang

As you probably know from working so hard to maintain it, your lawn is actually a fairly complex system. Anything below the soil is considered the root and anything above the soil is considered the shoot; the point where they meet is known as the crown. The crown contains nodes, which are essential to creating a carpet-thick lawn, as each node (the pale colored structures that run horizontally beneath the grass blades) contains buds that can generate new blades of grass.

The Grass Blades

If properly cared for, an individual blade of grass will live around 40 days. The lower part of the grass leaf is called the sheath, the upper is called the blade, and the point where the blade and sheath meet is called the intercalary meristem, which is where the magic happens. Magic? Yep! The meristem is where new cell growth occurs, which makes it the secret to grass regeneration. When a blade is cut by your mower, the meristem remains and creates a brand new blade.

What Those Gorgeous Blades Need

If you have a Florida-friendly grass, then it’s probably somewhat drought resistant. Even so, you need to ensure that your Spring Hill lawn is properly irrigated year-round. Because we tend to get so much rain during the summer months and through the end of hurricane season, you likely won’t need to run your sprinklers very often. Make sure you have an irrigation system with a working rain gauge to ensure that you don’t over- OR under-water your lawn. During our dry season, follow the Hernando County Watering Tips and Guidelines to keep your lawn healthy and green.

Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered!

For over 20 years, Challenger Irrigation has helped residents of Spring Hill, Brooksville, and other Hernando County communities maintain lawns that are the envy of all their neighbors. From irrigation installation and repair to backflow prevention and part replacement, we’ve got all your needs covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our irrigation specialists.