Time For a Tune Up

We’ve had a nice break from the heat in Hernando County. We’ve even had a nice break from lawn work. With summer around the corner, though, it’s time to get back into our groove. Before the heat becomes oppressive, we need to sharpen the mower blades, make sure we have an ample supply of trimmer line, and give our irrigation systems a tune up. Yep … a tune up. Just like your car, your air conditioning unit, and any other machine that you rely on, your sprinkler system needs a tune up and at Challenger Irrigation, we’re up to the challenge of giving you some handy tips so you can DIY.

Step 1: Unless you’ve done so very recently, change the battery in your sprinkler panel control system. Better to be confident that it’s working correctly now than to find out after your grass has gone brown from dehydration.

Step 2: Clear the grass, dirt, and other debris from around each sprinkler head. Doing so at this time will make the rest of the process easier and cleaner.

Step 3: Briefly run your system one zone at a time. While each zone is on, note any sprinkler heads that are leaning, broken, buried, or improperly aimed.

Step 4: Tackle those sprinkler heads. How you clean and repair them will depend on which type of sprinkler heads you use.

  • For spray-type sprinkler heads, remove the nozzle and clear any debris from the screen. After it’s been cleaned, adjust the direction of the spray. When properly placed and positioned, the water spray should reach the spray from adjacent sprinkler heads.
  • For rotor-type sprinkler heads, unscrew and remove the rotor cap to expose the screen. Gently clean the screen and replace the rotor cap, taking care to make sure it is securely attached and properly positioned.
  • Briefly run your system again to ensure that all sprinkler heads are working as expected and hitting the designated areas of your lawn.

If you’re in a pinch and need some experts to pitch in, or even if you simply rather enjoy the last few leisurely weekend days before summer hits, contact Challenger Irrigation. For over 25 years, we’ve kept Spring Hill lawns looking lush and healthy; we’d love to do the same for yours.