Untimely Sprinklers: A Cautionary Tale from Tennessee

Imagine this: Children and their parents scream at the threatening mist. Adults scramble to gather their electronics before they are damaged by the deluge. Beautifully made-up women cry and shield their faces from the onslaught of moisture. Opened beer coolers begin to fill with reclaimed water. Trays of Cubanitas from Publix become waterlogged.

The scene of the latest Sharknado installment? No. Movie night at Nissan Stadium in Tennessee.

Last April, Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans, was the victim of untimely sprinkler activation when their irrigation specialist forgot to reset the timers for the system that hydrates their field. While one might think that sprinkler timing shouldn’t matter in the off season, Nissan Stadium is proud to host a number of community events during the spring and summer months. This irrigation oversight ruined the evening of hundreds who were there to view an outdoor showing of the family classic, Minions.

Spring is just around the corner; while you’re sprinklers have likely been off for the cooler Spring Hill months, it’s time to think about resetting your system. As a Hernando County resident, there are multiple factors to consider when planning the timing of your sprinklers.

  1. Family time: You want to avoid your own Nissan Stadium catastrophe like the plague! When are your children likely to be outside? When are YOU?
  2. Pets: Do you need to let your pets out at one in the morning? Then you definitely don’t want to schedule your sprinklers to go off then – unless you want the hassle of dog wrangling when you’d rather be asleep.
  3. County restrictions: In Hernando County and the rest of Florida, there are strict regulations for lawn irrigation. Go online to find out what day of the week you are permitted to run your sprinkler system.

If you need assistance with programming your sprinkler system, contact Challenger Irrigation. Serving Hernando County and the surrounding areas for over twenty years, Challenger knows just what it takes to help you avoid a Nissan Stadium debacle of your own.