When To Hand-Water Your Lawn and Landscaping

When To Hand-Water Your Lawn and Landscaping

With our daily summer downpours, it’s hard to imagine any circumstance that would require you to hand-water your Hernando County lawn. When your Hernando Sun is water-logged before you even get a chance to read it, it’s downright easy to forget the months of drought that – without an irrigation system – could have ruined your lawn and landscaping. Before you know it, though, the rainy season will be over and you’ll still have to adhere to the Hernando County watering restrictions. In those cases, when is it appropriate to hand-water the greenery that you’ve invested so much money and time in?

Pull Out the Garden Hose When…

  • You have a flower bed or potted flowers. Flowers are thirsty plants; they will not survive on a single weekly soaking from your sprinklers.
  • You have new shrubs. New shrubs need to be watered daily for two months after they’ve been planted. After the two months pass, you’ll still need to hand water them if your sprinkler heads aren’t on risers that will keep the foliage moist.
  • Your lawn is dead. Wait…what? Yep! Even if that St. Augustine has met its maker, you should give the soil some moisture! That sandy Florida dirt contains life, and without water, the very things that make it fertile will die. Even if you plan to xeriscape, your soil will still need to sustain the life of your drought-hardy plants.

Pass On the Hose When…

  • You have new sod. In this case, you are exempt from regular watering restrictions. New sod needs to be watered every day.
  • Rain is in the forecast. While this seems obvious, you definitely don’t want to waste resources by hand-watering when nature can do the work for you. Moreover, you don’t want to drown your plants, either.
  • Your ground covering (such as mulch) is still moist. This means that the soil and roots beneath are also moist and, therefore, do not need to be watered.

If you’re still not sure about the watering needs of your lawn and landscaping, let Challenger Irrigation help. We have 20+ years of experience helping the residents of Spring Hill and other Hernando County neighborhoods keep their lawns and gardens green.