Winter Pipe Problems? In Florida?

Florida winters are admittedly mild, especially when compared to what our neighbors to the north experience. We may never experience a “snow day,” but with El Nino and La Nina weather patterns, our winters can be erratic. In Spring Hill and the surrounding Hernando County areas, we are always several degrees colder than the counties to the south, so preparing our pipes and irrigation systems for winter is something we have to be ready for – just in case.

Frozen pipes can wreak havoc on your irrigation system – and we know that we can count on at least one good freeze every winter. Taking the following precautions can ensure that your entire plumbing system works efficiently come spring when you’ll need to return to your weekly watering schedule:

  1. Prepare your outdoor faucets. Remove and drain any hoses that may be attached to your outdoor faucets then store them inside for the winter. If left attached during a freeze, these normally innocuous instruments can affect all of your pipes, resulting in expensive repair.
  2. Check for leaks. Fixing leaks before they freeze and damage your system is easier and far more affordable than waiting until it’s too late.
  3. Protect your pipes. Wrap pipes in any outbuildings or unheated areas of the home; pipe insulation kids are easy to install and available at most major hardware stores. If you happen to be heading further south for an extended period of time, consider hiring a professional to drain your pipes before you leave so they don’t freeze and burst in your absence.

If you’re uncertain about how to prepare your pipes and irrigation system for the winter – or if you’re just too busy getting ready for the holidays – let Challenger Irrigation do the work for you. For over 20 years, we have installed and repaired sprinklers, pumps, and pipes for our Spring Hill clients, so we know exactly what to expect during our Hernando County winters.