Don’t Bug Out! Some Insects Are Beneficial To Your Property

Insects and bugs usually bring a strong reaction out of people. Either you love them, tolerate them, or hate them. Many people’s first instinct is to kill any bug they see; however, people shouldn’t be so quick to splat or squash every insect they encounter. There are a number of insects that are helpful to our gardens, lawns, and landscaping.

Things to Know About Fertilizing Your Lawn

Are you concerned about the appearance of your lawn and feel like you will need to revamp your entire property? No need to worry! Your lawn is currently dormant and not growing. During this time of year, grass in our area becomes dormant, does not grow and, in many cases, may give the appearance of being dead. Before we know it, the Florida winter weather will be gone, and we will be back to the warm weather. One of the best ways to prepare your lawn for the spring and summer weather is with the use of fertilizer. There are simple steps that you can take now to ensure that, when the time is right, your lawn appears lush, green and beautiful.

To Compost Or Not To Compost…That Is The Question

The nip in the Florida air might have you dreaming of spring weather and beautiful flower and vegetable gardens. Unfortunately, if you are one of the many Florida residents dealing with sandy soil, you have never let your dreams become reality. Today is the day that can all change with the addition of nutrient-rich soil created through composting, the natural process of using the air to decompose, or break down, organic material into soil.