Creating A Low-Maintenance Yard

Although you may not be busy caring for your Florida yard during this time of year, you may be dreaming of the spring and summer and the changes you would like to see. Would you love a low-maintenance yard that doesn’t need to be mowed, watered, raked, or treated for weeds? There is no better time to plan the perfect low-maintenance yard than the winter. It could be ready for you to enjoy this spring!

Fall Q&A to Help With Your Watering and Landscaping Needs

Being a homeowner can get overwhelming at times. The excitement over owning a home can start to waiver when the list of improvements, upgrades, and repairs starts to grow. First time homeowners and new Florida residents seem to have a particularly difficult time with this. We wanted to offer our help and answer some popular questions as well as provide some tips to help prepare the exterior of the home as well as your irrigation needs for the fall weather.

Hurricane and Storm Recovery Tips

Florida is no stranger to storms this time of year. Being that hurricane season lasts through November, we are not yet out of the woods in terms of avoiding some heavy hitting storms. Even if there are no hurricane threats, Florida is notorious for tropical storms and heavy, pounding rain during this season. We have previously shared how to prepare prior to a storm, but what happens after the storm comes through? Residents who have lived in Florida for many years are no stranger to storm clean-up, but new residents can easily become overwhelmed at what to tackle first.

Why It’s Important To Switch To Hand Watering

September does not bring a shortage of rain to our area, so you might be wondering why we would recommend hand watering, or watering of any kind for that matter. It is important to remember, especially if you are new to living in Florida, that for much of the summer Florida experiences drought conditions. This is the reason why many counties, such as those we service, have water restrictions. When the rainy season ends, many of our clients still need to water their landscaping to keep it looking beautiful or possibly to bring it back to life.

Going Green – Using a Natural Approach to Caring for Your Lawn and Landscaping

Natural and organic materials have taken the world by storm. Everything from food to clothing can be found with natural and healthy ingredients. Many adults are choosing to live a more natural lifestyle and looking for ways to promote healthy and non-chemical choices. When thinking about outdoor care, for many years, there were only toxic and chemical-filled pesticides available. It led to the discovery of using more natural and clean ingredients to keep your lawn and landscaping thriving.

How to Fix Dead Grass

Have you been slowly watching your grass deteriorate and are now at the point of no return? Maybe you thought your grass was dormant and now that we are in the middle of summer you are realizing that your grass is actually dead. Grass goes through a lot. It deals with frequent changes in weather, drought conditions, heavy rain, pesticide treatments, and if pets or children are around, it is trampled frequently. It’s no surprise that there are times that grass does not survive. Whether you have numerous dead patches or the entire lawn needs a redo, we want to share some helpful tips to bring your lawn back to life.

Getting Your Property Hurricane Ready This Summer

Florida is seeing an influx of new residents who are moving from out of state. Many of our new Florida residents and customers have never experienced a hurricane season here. While residents who live along the entire east coast may have experienced their share of hurricanes and tropical storms, the preparation in Florida is slightly different because we have the potential to experience a greater frequency of storms.

FAQ About Water Usage This Summer

Summer in Florida is a time of intense heat, frequent powerful rainstorms, and the occasional hurricane. It can be difficult to know how to properly water your lawn and landscaping to find the happy medium between experiencing drought-like symptoms and overwatering. We wanted to share the three questions that we are asked most frequently about watering your property during the summer months.

Keeping Unwanted Insects Away This Summer

Summer is an exciting time, full of outdoor adventures, BBQ’s, and experiences that will create lasting memories for years to come. While summer is a time that many spend outdoors with family and friends, there are certain guests that we can assume are not invited to the party—insects. While insects play an important role in the ecosystem, we aren’t quite ready to take out an extra chair and invite them to join in the festivities. We want to share ways that you can prepare your outdoor living area to keep any unwanted pests out.

Ways to Keep Your Grass From Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot This Summer

Florida is a favorite relocation destination for many Northerners that are trying to get away from the ever-changing seasons. Although beautiful all year round, Florida is known for its hot, sweltering summer days. We are lucky that we can escape to enjoy the cool breezes of our air-conditioners, but our grass isn’t as lucky. As summer is quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to prepare your lawn to survive and thrive during the heat over the next few months.