Hurricane and Storm Recovery Tips

Florida is no stranger to storms this time of year. Being that hurricane season lasts through November, we are not yet out of the woods in terms of avoiding some heavy hitting storms. Even if there are no hurricane threats, Florida is notorious for tropical storms and heavy, pounding rain during this season. We have previously shared how to prepare prior to a storm, but what happens after the storm comes through? Residents who have lived in Florida for many years are no stranger to storm clean-up, but new residents can easily become overwhelmed at what to tackle first.

Getting Your Property Hurricane Ready This Summer

Florida is seeing an influx of new residents who are moving from out of state. Many of our new Florida residents and customers have never experienced a hurricane season here. While residents who live along the entire east coast may have experienced their share of hurricanes and tropical storms, the preparation in Florida is slightly different because we have the potential to experience a greater frequency of storms.