Benefits Of An Irrigation System

Are you tired of watering your lawn, flowers, and shrubbery with a hose or manual sprinkler? An irrigation system provides many benefits to homeowners who are looking to simplify their outdoor responsibilities. An irrigation system uses a series of hoses, tubes, pumps, sprays, and sprinkler heads to water an area. At Challenger Irrigation, we are happy to help our customers through the installation process from start to finish.

Enjoy Outdoor Space This Fall

We are lucky that we live in an area of the country that experiences mild weather during the fall and winter. After the heat we experienced over the summer and beginning of the fall, we cannot wait to enjoy some cooler temperatures. We know that it was difficult to enjoy the outdoors during the summer this year. Since we are lucky to have milder weather, we can comfortably enjoy an outdoor living space throughout the fall and winter to make up for the time missed during the summer. We want to share some tips that can help you enjoy your outdoor living space during this time of year:

When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Irrigation System?

If you have owned your home for quite some time and it has been several years since your irrigation system was replaced, you may be in need of a new system. The same could be said for a new homeowner who is unsure of the age of the irrigation system. This leads to the discussion of knowing when it is time to upgrade your system. We want to share some helpful tips that you can use to evaluate if it may be time for a replacement.

Do I Need An Irrigation System?

Are you tired of constantly trying to remember if you turned off your sprinkler? Or do you hand water your property and wish there was an easier way? If these concerns are frustrating to you, it might be time to consider installing an irrigation system. It can be a difficult decision to make the investment, but over time, you will save money and time by removing the headache of remembering to water your property. We are answering two popular questions we often receive about irrigation systems.


What is an Irrigation System?

In locations with hot or dry weather, many trees, plants and grasses struggle to survive without the appropriate levels of water. When rainfall is low and the local agriculture or landscaping is struggling to survive, irrigation systems can be used to deliver water to the soil and plants effectively. Conditions of Florida Although Florida does…

Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Tips for a Healthy Lawn

A healthy lawn depends on smart lawn care practices. Beginning as soon as the weather starts to get warm and continuing throughout the year, these techniques will give you the lush, beautiful grass and rich soil you’re looking for. Treat Grass with Care Dry weather, overuse and pest attacks can leave grass looking dull and…