Get Rid of Pesky Critters

They’re fuzzy, they’re cute, and they made great Disney characters, but the truth is, some mammals will wreak havoc on your Hernando County lawn. Before you go Rambo on Thumper or Bambi, you might want to learn a few other tricks that will help you get rid of pesky critters without traumatizing your family. These animals may be part of our ecosystem, but there’s no need to let them destroy your property.

Armadillos — These roly-poly “armored” mammals are notorious for digging up yards. Along with other burrowing critters, they can cause damage to the root system of your grass as well as harm the underground workings of your irrigation system. The best defense against armadillos is to have a fence that is buried at least a foot underground with no space between slats. If you don’t want to invest in such a pricey “deterrent,” then use the armadillo’s sense of smell against them by spraying vinegar or pine-scented cleaner OR by scattering mothballs along the perimeter of your property.

Deer — Unlike other pesky lawn animals, deer won’t disturb your soil, but they will devour that gorgeous landscaping you spent big bucks and laborious hours on. Unfortunately, a fence is mostly ineffective, as deer can jump pretty high if it takes them to a food source. Your best bet is to ask your horticulturist to help you select deer-resistant plants. If you like the look of plants, flowers, and shrubs that deer might be tempted to enjoy, try using repellent pepper sprays to make these sources of deer food unappealing. Don’t forget to reapply after a rain, though.

Rabbits — Rabbits just love to eat young, tender plants. If possible, fence in your new plants and flowers with a structure that is buried several inches under ground and is at least 2 feet tall. If that is not possible, use pepper spray or predator urine as a deterrent until your plants become more stable and hearty.

Raccoons — While raccoons will dig through your yard for grubs and other insects, they also love fruits, vegetables, pet food, and trash. If you have a fruit or vegetable garden, use pepper spray to deter these cute masked bandits. Unless you’re trying to invite raccoons over for a reenactment of Disney’s Pocahontas, avoid keeping pet food and unsealed garbage outdoors.

Squirrels — These guys are everywhere! They hang out in the canopy of your trees, they skitter across the top of your fence, and they go wherever they please in your yard. Like rabbits, squirrels enjoy feasting on young plants and bulbs, but they also chow down on the nuts and seeds that you put out for the birds. To reduce the number of squirrels you encounter from day to day, put collars around trees and under bird feeders, and use pepper spray or predator urine on new plants.

At Challenger Irrigation, we may not be able to help you trap the pests and critters that plague your yard, but we can help to ensure that your lawn and landscaping are hardy enough to withstand the most voracious creature. From sprinkler system installation to irrigation repairs, we have all your needs covered. Contact our Spring Hill office today to schedule an appointment.