Is Your Yard Smart?

Is Your Yard Smart?

Let’s be real — technology has taken over most of the world. Much of what used to be science fiction is now science fact. But there is no way that technology could infiltrate something pure and natural like, say, your Hernando County lawn, right? Wrong! The latest in technology includes a number of ways to make your yard “smart.” Here are just some of the tools and trinkets available:

Garden Sensors

These handy-dandy gadgets are a wonder of science. Simply submerging the sensor into the soil will reveal moisture levels, light frequency, weather data, soil conditions, and even whether or not you need to fertilize.

Irrigation Tech

Never again will you run your sprinklers on the eve of a rainy day! Smart irrigation systems not only allow you to control your sprinklers through a smartphone app, they receive data from local weather reports to anticipate exactly how much water your lawn, garden, and plants will need.

Pest Control

Got deer problems? Armadillos? Rabbits? New technology allows you to defeat these loathsome pests with a motion-activated pest control system. If an animal gets too close to your landscaping, a strategically placed sprinkler will douse them with a blast of water.

Here’s the deal: If you’re a tech-savvy person who enjoys gadgets, then these smart tools are for you. Following the Hernando County watering recommendations should be sufficient enough to help you maintain the beauty of your Spring Hill lawn. If you’re somewhere between tech genius and Amish farmer, consider using an app that allows you to control your irrigation system via smartphone.

If you have any questions about how to maintain the beauty of your lawn — with or without technology — contact Challenger Irrigation today. We’ve had over 25 years of experience making Hernando County green, lush, and gorgeous.