A Christmas Tree You Can Keep

December has arrived, and the sights and sounds have transitioned to everything Christmas and the holidays. You can’t escape the twinkling lights, cheery songs, tasty treats, and Christmas trees. Year after year, the hard decision needs to be made between real trees or artificial ones. If you love the smell and feel of a real tree but are concerned about the sustainability factor, there is a perfect option for you. A living Christmas tree gives you the enjoyment of a real tree during the holiday season, with the ability to transition it to an outdoor landscape that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Landscaper with an irrigation system controller module

Updating Your Irrigation System

Having an irrigation system in place is essential to keeping your lawn hydrated in the Florida climate. Evaluate the condition of your current irrigation system because, over time, it needs to be upgraded. Keeping your system up to date helps it work efficiently and saves you money. Pricing for updates will vary depending on the…

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your System?

Is It Time To Upgrade Your System? Like anything else associated with your home – your air conditioner, your water heater, your roof – sprinkler systems wear out over time. Sure, they don’t receive the daily workout that our ACs do, but they are still subjected to extreme Hernando county heat, hard water, and mower-related…