Improve The Value Of Your Home

With spring arriving in a few short days, now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning in your yard. If you have been wanting to spruce up your landscaping and property to improve the curb appeal of your home, spring is the perfect time, while the weather is still mild enough to make improvements and before it is unbearable to be outside. Making improvements to the outside of your home can also be beneficial if you are planning to sell it in the near future. The appeal of the outside of your home can be just as important as the inside.

How To Protect Your Irrigation System From Power Surges

We don’t know about you, but we are excited about the arrival of spring in a few short weeks. With more consistent warmer weather right around the corner, we know everyone is going to be getting their irrigation system out of winter mode and start using it more frequently. One aspect of the warmer weather that we know nobody is looking forward to is the summer storms and hurricanes. Although these storms usually move through quickly, sometimes they cause damage. You may be surprised to learn that a power surge can do more than harm your appliances. It can also cause significant damage to your irrigation system.

Prepare Your Irrigation System For Spring

We only have a few more weeks left before we can say goodbye to another winter and hello to spring. When the warmer weather arrives for good, it is time to bring your irrigation system out of hibernation and get it ready to be used this spring and summer. Even if your irrigation system was not used or was used infrequently during the winter months, it is important to fully inspect the system for signs of damage.

How To Know You Have A Leaky Irrigation System

If you have an irrigation system, it is important to continuously check for problems. During the months when the system is being used daily, you should check regularly. Even during the winter, if your system is turned off, it is still important to periodically inspect the system and your property. It may be hard to see certain issues with the naked eye, but knowing what to look for is helpful. We want to share some warning signs that can indicate a problem.

Are Irrigation Systems Safe In Winter?

There are a large number of people in our area who invest in irrigation systems. Since our summers are so hot, it can become a full-time job to keep your lawn and landscaping from dying with the strong sun and hot days. Irrigation systems are a helpful tool to ensure that your lawn is being watered at the correct time while following the irrigation rules of your local area. You can set a schedule and then leave it be until it needs to be updated. Although irrigation systems can be helpful during the summer due to the extreme heat, it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your systems do not become damaged during the winter months.

Benefits Of An Irrigation System

Are you tired of watering your lawn, flowers, and shrubbery with a hose or manual sprinkler? An irrigation system provides many benefits to homeowners who are looking to simplify their outdoor responsibilities. An irrigation system uses a series of hoses, tubes, pumps, sprays, and sprinkler heads to water an area. At Challenger Irrigation, we are happy to help our customers through the installation process from start to finish.

Helpful Tips Prior To Leveling Your Lawn

Do you often find standing water on your lawn after it rains or after your sprinklers have been on? If so, there is a good chance that your lawn is not level. There are many factors that can contribute to an uneven lawn. For instance, animals can dig holes that will fill up with water. Regular wear and tear in your yard can also lead to an uneven lawn. This is extremely likely if you have children who are constantly playing sports and running through your yard. It is extremely easy for children and pets to create ruts and holes in your lawn. If your property is prone to flooding, it can cause the soil to erode, leading to drainage problems.

Tips For Installing New Sod – Challenger Irrigation

Would you love to improve the appearance of your grass and are debating whether to install sod? Sod can be a beautiful way to enhance the curb appeal of your property. If you are unfamiliar, sod is the top surface of the ground that has a thin layer of soil and grass that is already well established. When sod is placed on your property, it is important to follow specific directions to ensure the grass on the sod continues to grow roots that will attach to the existing soil. Sod can be an expensive investment, so we feel it is important to do everything you can to ensure success.